Dienstag, 31 März 2020

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Here you will find a list of the various settings of the WebsiteSpider and a detailed explanation of each setting.


It is not always usefull to activate all possible analysis options. A repeated query to the Google Pagerank, for example, is time consuming and wont take an affect or change in rapid succession. Also the content of XML and CSS files does not have to be analyzed in each run. Also image and media files are only subject to limited changes. When disabling certain, for your analysis unnecessary analysis settings, you also increase the entire analysis speed. The analysis settings you will find in the settings dialog under Project -> Analysis.



For the built-in UpdateManager of the WebsiteSpider you can adjust the update interval easily as desired. Under Application -> Updates you will find the possible settings as shown below. In addition, if you already updated the WebsiteSpider, the date of the last update and the version is also displayed. We recommend the daily update check, to always use the most recent version of the WebsiteSpider and the associated databases.



The seoBOXX WebsiteSpider ispublished multilingual. First, in German and English with additional languages planned. The language switching can be done using the settings dialog under Application -> Languages or in each dialog on the bottom left using the flags.


Result view

The result view helps you to get a comfortable overview about the current status of the analysis. The view and the behavior of the WebsiteSpider during the analysis can be configured here partially. The automated scrolling to the bottom of the list in the newly added URLs is recommended by the user particularly while a supervised analysis. The settings for the result view you will find in the settings dialog under Application -> Resulot view.



In the notification settings you can select the method and the event to get notified by the WebsiteSpider. The notifications can quickly and easily be anabled or disabled using the "checkbox". The notification settings can be found in the settings dialog underApplication -> Notifications.



The so-called Multithreading means the parallel execution of tasks (threads/processes). Through the use of multithreading in the MTWS-CoreEngine of the WebsiteSpider several analysis processes are running simultaneously. The multithreading settings will help you to optimise the analysis speed or to configure the multithreading for slower systems. The settings for the multithreading can be found in the settings dialog under Analyser -> Threading.


HTTP connection

Due to many factors that make the analysis slow and the Webmasters block analysis software they can produce incorrect results and for the compensation of slow connections and bad timings we made most parameters of the HTTP connection configurable for you. Please use these settings only if you are aware of the impact at the compound and the analysis. The HTTP connection settings can be found in the settings dialog under Analyser -> HTTP connection.


Proxy server

If you use a proxy server to connect to the Internet or to the analyzed domain / URL, you can here make the necessary adjustments. The settings for the usage of the proxy server you will find at the settings dialog under Analyser -> Proxy. The proxy server usage can be enabled or disabled quick and easy using the "checkbox".


User Agent

For accessing URLs using the HTTP protocol a so-called user agent with information about the system, browser language, operating system etc. is used to transfer that data to the webserver and it is also stored in the webservers LOG. Some web servers block the requests or the user does not want to transfer its correct data. For this purpose, you can select a User Agent and transfer the selected data instead of the correct data. The settings for the User Agent you will find in the settings dialog under Analyser -> User Agent.


GEO IP Information

To obtain geo location data of the webserver where your domain ist hosted you can use the free IPInfoDB . You can register there for free and enter the API Key in the corresponding box. You can also set the analysis mode from state level to city level (more accurate than the state level). Under Analyser -> GEO IP Information you will find the settings for using the IPInfoDB API, as shown below. You can quickly and easily create your account by clicking the 'Create IPInfoDB account' button. Your default browser will open to the corresponding website to create the account.



The creation of a LOG helps you especially debugging and locating errors if the WebsiteSpider should not run properly or very slowly on your system. Enable or disable, depending on your needs, the Write LOG to file function quick and easy using the "checkbox". The shown settings you will find in the settings dialog under Application -> LOG settings.