Monday, 01 June 2020

WebsiteAnalyser 1.0 released

After a long development the time has finally come and we are proud to announce that the seoBOXX WebsiteAnalyser is finally released and available online.The WebsiteAnalyser is currently available in 3 different versions. Hereby we decided to provide an individual solution for each customer and provide an appealing price/performance model especially for private website operators, clubs, sole proprietors or small startup companies.

The WebsiteAnalyser is the perfect SEO tool to give you a comprehensive, fast and professional analysis of your website and to visually prepare the analysis results and to generate a detailed, custom report for you. The WebsiteAnalyser dashboard gives you a quick and easy overview of broken URLs, URLs without keywords, title or description Tag, badly programmed URLs, URLs with embedded CSS, URLs with outdated HTML tags, link distribution and much more in a categorized overview including charts.
Furthermore, the WebsiteAnalyser creates a ToDo list from the analyzed data, which you can use as a base for the optimization. The ToDo list can be seen as an aid to the website operator or the webmaster. Based on the data of the analyzed URLs and the analyzed data of the domain, a list with errors, warnings and suggestions will be created, which will help you to improve your website and thus to achieve a better positioning in the search engines.
The WebsiteAnalyser provides you more than 180 analysis views to help you troubleshooting and bug fixing, a report view for each of the analysis views, an analysis report, and an URL report for each URL analyzed. In addition, extras such as download assistants, sitemap assistants and an URL pinger have been integrated into the WebsiteAnalyser. For a detailed overview of the complete functionality of the WebsiteAnalyser and the analysis views, please refer to the detailled WebsiteAnalyser feature list or the product description.

Feedback from our users is extremely important to us! Therefore we have provided extra forms online where errors can be reported, features can be requested or just contact can be made. So feel free to use the provided forms in the support area of the website whenever you like to.