Sunday, 12 July 2020

WebsiteAnalyser 1.1 released

Time for the first update of the WebsiteAnalyser. The first months since the release of the seoBOXX WebsiteAnalyser have passed and we have received a lot of feedback. We received some suggestions for the soon to be expected Rank-Tracking but also error reports and feature requests. While we're working on developing a major update with new features, we've made important updates and bug fixes.

In WebsiteAnalyser 1.1 the following changes have been made:

IMPROVED: HTML Parser analysis speed + 15%
IMPROVED: MTWS Core Engine Speed + 10%

UPDATE: Updated database to FireBird Embedded

FIXED: Issues with the color of the report headers
FIXED: Issue with load balance on networks with much traffic
FIXED: Issue with loading and saving of PDF reports
FIXED: Issues with the loading of report templates
FIXED: Smaller errors
FIXED: Translation errors
FIXED: Text errors