Friday, 10 July 2020

WebsiteSpider released

seoBOXX WebsiteSpider LogoAfter a long development the time has finally come. The free seoBOXX WebsiteSpider is finally available online. As announced he has a great potential to high quality onpage analysis and generates standardized reports in PDF format and many other file formats. There are many free spiders and crawlers on the internet but very few are able to deliver a basic analysis functionality. The WebsiteSpider offers you completely free a very fast and efficient spider-/crawl functionality and determines a lot of information of your domain in a very short time. Here both, the basic data of the domain and the basic data of every single url of the domain, are analyzed the determine the needed data and store in a database file. So the subsequent loading of the database and the evaluation or the generation of a report from the stored date is guaranteed at any time. The generated reports include a graphical representation of the analyzed data and give will give you a quick overview of possible sources of error or optimization. Follow this link to get to the WebsiteSpider product website.

Analysis view of the active WebsiteSpider

Feedback from our users is extremely important to us! Therefore we have provided extra forms online where errors can be reported, features can be requested or just contact can be made. So feel free to use the provided forms in the support area of the website whenever you like to give us feedback.