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WebsiteAnalyser Packshot in english language

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Functional Overview

The functionality of the Sourcecode Editor of the WebsiteAnalyser is currently limited to the bare minimum and still lacks nothing. In addition to basic functions such as cut, copy and paste, a search dialog and a replace dialog are also integrated.

The Sourcecode Editor of the WebsiteAnalyser

In detail, the functions of the Sourcecode Editor from the two menu tabs are explained below.

The file menu-tab of the Sourcecode Editor of the WebsiteAnalyser

The edit menu-tab of the Sourcecode Editor of the WebsiteAnalyser


Open Opens a text or sourcecode file for editing in the Sourcecode Editor.
Save as Saves an edited file or edited sourcecode of an URL in a file.
Print Opens the print dialog to select the printer and start printing.
Printer setup Opens the printer settings dialog to select the printer, make settings, and start printing.
Undo Undo the last changes.
Redo Redo the last changes.
Find Opens the search dialog for searching in the content of the Sourcecode Editor.
Replace Opens the replace dialog for replacing content in the Sourcecode Editor.
Cut Cuts out a marked area.
Copy Copies a marked area to the clipboard.
Paste Inserts a text from the clipboard at the cursor position.

If you have any questions regarding the Sourcecode Editor of the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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