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Add group/Add pingserver group

To the ping server list of the WebsiteAnalyser, you can add a custom groups/pingserver groups to add your personal pingservers into it. You can add a group/pingserver group in two ways. On one hand, you can use the "Add group" function from the Tab menu.

Menu-tab of the pingserver of the WebsiteAnalyser

On the other hand you have the possibility to press the right mouse button in the pingserver list. In the pop-up menu, which now appears, you can also use the function "Add group".

Add a group/pingserver group to the WebsiteAnalyser

Now the view changes and you get into the input mask. Here you can enter the German and the English group name/display name. If you do not need one of these languages, just enter the group name of the required language.

Add a group/pingserver groupt to the pingserver list of the WebsiteAnalyser

Complete the process by clicking on the "Add" button. The view now changes back to the pingerserver list view.

Input fields:

Input fieldDescription
German description The German description or German display name of the group/pingserver group.
English description The English description or English display name of the group/pingserver group.

If you have any question regarding the adding of a group/pingserver group to the pingserver list of the WebsiteAnalyser, feel free to contact our Support.

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