Tuesday, 17 September 2019

WebsiteAnalyser Packshot in english language

Download the free 30-Day Demo Version of the WebsiteAnalyser for testing.

30-Day Demo

or order one of the 3 variations of the WebsiteAnalyser now.

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Restore default Pingserver list

If for any reason you have accidentally deleted or edited a pingserver or a pingserver group, you can use the function of the same name in the menu bar of the ping server pop-up dialog to restore the default ping server list of the WebsiteAnalyser.

Menu-tab of the pingserver of the WebsiteAnalyser

However, before the default pingserver list is restored, a security alert will appear. If you still want to restore the default pingserver list, click on the "Yes" button to continue.

Security warning before the restore of the default pingserver list of the WebsiteAnalyser

If you have any question regarding the restore of the default pingserver list of the WebsiteAnalyser, feel free to contact our Support.

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