Donnerstag, 17 Juni 2021

Analysis views

Here you will find an overview of the more than 180 analysis views of the WebsiteAnalyser. Furthermore, the exporting and printing of the analysis views is described in detail. All help topics are illustrated and described in detail.

If you have any questions regarding the analysis views of the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.


The WebsiteAnalyser Dashboard will show you a complete and visually compiled summary of the analysis results of the Domain/URL. The analysis results are visually divided into 14 categories. Bad analysis data and Domain/URL OnPage and OnSite optimization errors appear in red text.

Dashboard of the WebsiteAnalyser

You can also go to the respective analysis view by clicking the charts or by clicking each label and/or data. This makes navigation easier and you can quickly and easily switch to the according analysis views with just one click.

Categories of the WebsiteAnalyser Dashboard:

  • Analysis
  • General
  • Includes/Excludes (robotx.txt)
  • IMG Tags
  • HTTP Statuscode
  • Linking
  • META Tags
  • MIME Types
  • Social Networks
  • 'TITLE' Tags
  • 'KEYWORDS' Tags
  • 'H' Tags
  • Content


The ToDo List can be seen as an aid to the website operator or webmaster. Here, a list of errors, warnings and suggestions is created based on the data from the analyzed URLs and the analyzed domain data, which helps you to improve the website and also get a better positioning in the search engines.

ToDo List of the WebsiteAnalyser ToDo List of the WebsiteAnalyser


Analysis Views (Overview)

Here you will find the complete list of all integrated analysis views of the WebsiteAnalyser. For each of these more than 220 analysis views can be created a report, which can then be printed or exported to different file formats.

Furthermore, the various analysis views that contain spreadsheets can be exported to many file formats for further use. If you're missing an analysis method/analysis view, feel free to use our feature request form.


Report view (Report from an Analysis view)

The WebsiteAnalyser report views allow you to easily create a report of the currently active analysis view. So you can create a report view for yourself or your customers at any time for each analyssis view, if you do not need an complete analysis report.

If you're in an analysis view, you can click the Report View button in the Reports - Create/Layout menu tab to create the report view of the analysis view. After the report is created, the view will flip over and you'll see the first page of the report and a thumbnail view on the left of it.

Reports - Create/Layout menu tab of the WebsiteAnalyser