Samstag, 04 Dezember 2021

First steps

Here you find so usefull instructions for using and understanding the WebsiteSpider and the results of the WebsiteSpider.

Analysis process

To use the WebsiteSpider for a domain analysis only a few steps are necessary. If you want to change the settings for threading, the analysis, the result view and much more you can do that using the settings form. After checking the settings it is necessary to enter the URL and then click the "Start analysis" button. Thereafter, the analysis process starts automatically. The Domain/URL you specified is now added to the URL list and the analysis threads are created. Now every URL is analysed and the linked URLs are added to the URL list and gradually also analyzed until no new URLs are available in the URL list.


Analyse results

To view the analysis results, there are several ways implemented in the WebsiteSpider. On the one hand you have before, during and after the analysis the "analysis view" available, from which you can see the HTTP status and the MIME type of the URL and the URL itself. In addition, you can determine the state of the URL using the color of the URL while green is for the analyzed URLs, blue for being processed URL's and red for incorrect URLs.


Creating reports

The WebsiteSpider has the ability to process the analyzed data in reports for you so that you can then save them in different file formats or print them. The reports include an optical and tabular analysis of the data. For better presentation of the analysed data and for the better presentation of related data, like the HTTP status or the H tags, diagrams and graphics have been integrated into the reports.