Freitag, 14 Mai 2021

General information

Here you can find general information about the WebsiteSpider, the latest features, the basic installation and support that will be given to you for the WebsiteSpider.


Completly free spider or crawler for websites you will find many on the World Wide Web but very few of them provide both, a basic analysis functionality as well as a clear presentation of the data. The seoBOXX WebsiteSpider offers you completely free very fast and efficient spider-/crawl functionality and determines a lot of information of your domain in a very short time. Here both, the basic data of the domain and the data of each URL of the selected domain are analyzed and the data obtained is stored in a database file. The efficient MTWS-CoreEngine gives the WebsiteSpider the opportunety to run multiple analyzes in parallel and to produce the required analysis results quickly and efficiently.


Feature list

To give you a complete overview of the performance of the WebsiteSpider we have merged all features in this feature list sorted by category.



Support and contact to the manufacturer is always an important issue in a software product, regardless of whether it is free as the WebsiteSpider or not. On this subject we have in integrated an own tab/area from which all important functions are linked in all our products. Here you will find direct links to the seoBOXX website, each product's website, our sides in the social network and the online Help. The forms for feature requests, error reporting and contact are directly accessible from there.



The installation of the seoBOXX WebsiteSpider, as with other software products that you have already installed, a standardized installation. After downloading the installation file from our webserver you start the installation simply by double clicking on the file name in the Windows Explorer or by double clicking the icon/symbol of WebsiteSpider installation file.