Samstag, 21 April 2018

Feature list

To give you a complete overview of the WebsiteAnalyser performance and features, we've sorted all features by category into a detailed feature list.


Here you will find an overview of the functionality and features of the WebsiteAnalyser. Detailed features can be found in the corresponding sub-items.

  • Dashboard (View all data of the analysis, summarized at a glance)
  • To-Do-List (List view with suggestions to improve the website or the URL's)
  • more than 180 analysis views
  • exportable lists and tables of the Analysis Views
    • Export the XLS file format
    • Export the CSV file format
    • Export the XML file format
    • Export the JSON file format
    • Export the ASCII file format
    • Export the PDF file format
    • Export the DOC file format
    • Export the HTML file format
  • printable lists and tables of the Analysis Views
  • a report view for each of the Analysis Views
  • detailed views for each URL
  • URL report for each URL
  • Analysis report with customizable Analysis Views
  • exportable reports
  • printable reports
  • 4 integrated Download Assistants (Media,Sourcecode,Content,Files)
  • 4 integrated Sitemap Assistants (Text, XML, HTML, Image)
  • integrated URL Pinger (3 Variants)
  • integrated Sourcecode Editor
  • integrated Update Manager
  • integrated Report Template Manager for creation and managing own Report Templates
  • configurable Cover page and Intro page
  • parallel analysis of multiple URL's (Multithreading)
  • Loading analysis databases for further use
  • Resume of an analysis from an existing database after termination or power failure
  • Analysis of XML files
  • Analysis of CSS files
  • German/English (switchable in the software - also for reports and attachments)
  • Proxy server support
  • freely selectable UserAgent for the HTTP requests
  • detailed configurable HTTP access
  • configurable Multithreading

If you have any questions regarding the feature list of the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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