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MIME Type List

The MIME-Type or Internet Media Type or Content-Type, according to the specification "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions", classifies the data in the data part of a message on the Internet and thus shows the type of data being transmitted. The MIME standard explains what data is sent from a web server or to a web server during an HTTP transfer. Also in e-mails, the MIME Type is used as the "Content-Type" field in the header of the e-mail to classify the various data of the e-mail.

The MIME Type generally consists of two parts. First, the specification of the media type and then, separated by a "/" (slash), the specification of the subtype (example: text / html).

MIME Type File extension Description
application/acad *.dwg AutoCAD files (according to NCSA)
application/applefile Apple File files
application/astound *.asd,*.asn Astound files
application/dsptype *.tsp TSP files
application/dxf *.dxf AutoCAD files (according to CERN)
application/futuresplash *.spl Flash Futuresplash files
application/gzip *.gz GNU zip files
application/listenup *.ptlk Listenup files
application/mac-binhex40 *.hqx Macintosh binary files
application/mbedlet *.mbd Mbedlet files
application/mif *.mif FrameMaker Interchange Format files
application/msexcel *.xls,*.xla Microsoft Excel files
application/mshelp *.hlp,*.chm Microsoft Windows Help files
application/mspowerpoint *.ppt,*.ppz,*.pps,*.pot Microsoft Powerpoint files
application/msword *.doc,*.dot Microsoft Word files
application/octet-stream *.bin,*.exe,*.com,*.dll,*.class Unspecified data, e.g. Executable files
application/oda *.oda Oda files
application/pdf *.pdf PDF files
application/postscript *.ai,*.eps,*.ps PostScript files
application/rtc *.rtc RTC files
application/rtf *.rtf RTF files
application/studiom *.smp Studiom files
application/toolbook *.tbk Toolbook files
application/vocaltec-media-desc *.vmd Vocaltec Mediadesc files
application/vocaltec-media-file *.vmf Vocaltec Media files
application/xhtml+xml *.htm,*.html,*.shtml,*.xhtml XHTML files
application/xml *.xml XML files
application/x-bcpio *.bcpio BCPIO files
application/x-compress *.z zlib-compressed files
application/x-cpio *.cpio CPIO files
application/x-csh *.csh C-Shellscript files
application/x-director *.dcr,*.dir,*.dxr Macromedia Director files
application/x-dvi *.dvi DVI files
application/x-envoy *.evy Envoy files
application/x-gtar *.gtar GNU tar-Archive files
application/x-hdf *.hdf HDF files
application/x-httpd-php *.php,*.phtml PHP files
application/x-latex *.latex LaTeX-Source files
pplication/x-macbinary *.bin Macintosh Binär files
application/x-mif *.mif FrameMaker Interchange format files
application/x-netcdf *.nc,*.cdf Unidata CDF files
application/x-nschat *.nsc NS Chat files
application/x-sh *.sh Bourne Shellscript files
application/x-shar *.shar Shell-Archive files
application/x-shockwave-flash *.swf,*.cab Flash Shockwave files
application/x-sprite *.spr,*.sprite Sprite files
application/x-stuffit *.sit Stuffit files
application/x-supercard *.sca Supercard files
application/x-sv4cpio *.sv4cpio CPIO files
application/x-sv4crc *.sv4crc CPIO files with CRC
application/x-tar *.tar tar-Archive files
application/x-tcl *.tcl TCL Script files
application/x-tex *.tex TeX files
application/x-texinfo *.texinfo,*.texi Texinfo files
application/x-troff *.t,*.tr,*.roff TROFF files (Unix)
application/x-troff-man *.man,*.troff TROFF files with MAN-Makros (Unix)
application/x-troff-me *.me,*.troff TROFF files with ME-Makros (Unix)
application/x-troff-ms *.me,*.troff TROFF files with MS-Makros (Unix)
application/x-ustar *.ustar tar-Archive files (Posix)
application/x-wais-source *.src WAIS Source files
application/x-www-form-urlencoded HTML form data to CGI
application/zip *.zip ZIP-Archive files
audio/basic *.au,*.snd Sound files
audio/echospeech *.es Echospeed files
audio/tsplayer *.tsi TS-Player files
audio/voxware *.vox Vox files
audio/x-aiff *.aif,*.aiff,*.aifc AIFF-Sound files
audio/x-dspeeh *.dus,*.cht Speech files
audio/x-midi *.mid,*.midi MIDI files
audio/x-mpeg *.mp2 MPEG-Audio files
audio/x-pn-realaudio *.ram,*.ra RealAudio files
audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin *.rpm RealAudio-Plugin files
audio/x-qt-stream *.stream Quicktime-Streaming files
audio/x-wav *.wav WAV files
drawing/x-dwf *.dwf Drawing files
image/cis-cod *.cod CIS-Cod files
image/cmu-raster *.ras CMU-Raster files
image/fif *.fif FIF files
image/gif *.gif GIF files
image/ief *.ief IEF files
image/jpeg *.jpeg,*.jpg,*.jpe JPEG files
image/png *.png PNG files
image/tiff *.tiff,*.tif TIFF files
image/vasa *.mcf Vasa files
image/vnd.wap.wbmp *.wbmp Bitmap files (WAP)
image/x-freehand *.fh4,*.fh5,*.fhc Freehand files
image/x-icon *.ico Icon files (z.B. favorite icons)
image/x-portable-anymap *.pnm PBM Anymap files
image/x-portable-bitmap *.pbm PBM Bitmap files
image/x-portable-graymap *.pgm PBM Graymap files
image/x-portable-pixmap *.ppm PBM Pixmap files
image/x-rgb *.rgb RGB files
image/x-windowdump *.xwd X-Windows Dump
image/x-xbitmap *.xbm XBM files
image/x-xpixmap *.xpm XPM files
message/external-body Messages with external content
message/http HTTP headers message
message/news Newsgroup message
message/partial Message with partial content
message/rfc822 Message to RFC (2) 822
model/vrml *.wrl Visualization of virtual worlds (VRML)
multipart/alternative Multi-part data; Each part is an alternative equivalent to the other
multipart/byteranges Multi-part data with byte data
multipart/digest Multi-part data / selection
multipart/encrypted Encrypted multi-part data
multipart/form-data Multi-part data from HTML form (e.g., file upload)
multipart/mixed Multi-part data without reference to the parts
multipart/parallel Multi-part data in parallel
multipart/related Multi-part data with dependencies of the parts
multipart/report Multi - part data / report
multipart/signed Multi-part data / designated
multipart/voice-message Multi-part data / voice message
text/comma-separated-values *.csv Comma-separated data files
text/css *.css CSS Stylesheet files
text/html *.htm,*.html,*.shtml HTML files
text/javascript *.js JavaScript files
text/plain *.txt Pure text files
text/richtext *.rtx Richtext files
text/rtf *.rtf RTF files
text/tab-separated-values *.tsv Tab-separated data files
text/vnd.wap.wml *.wml WML files (WAP)
application/vnd.wap.wmlc *.wmlc WMLC files (WAP)
text/vnd.wap.wmlscript *.wmls WML-Script files (WAP)
application/vnd.wap.wmlscriptc *.wmlsc WML-Script-C files (WAP)
text/xml *.xml XML files
text/xml-external-parsed-entity external parsed XML files
text/x-setext *.etx SeText files
text/x-sgml *.sgm,*.sgml SGML files
text/x-speech *.talk,*.spc Speech files
video/mpeg *.mpeg,*.mpg,*.mpe MPEG video files
video/quicktime *.qt,*.mov Quicktime files
video/ *.viv,*.vivo Vivo files
video/x-msvideo *.avi Microsoft AVI files
video/x-sgi-movie *.movie Movie files
workbook/formulaone *.vts,*.vtts FormulaOne files
x-world/x-3dmf *.3dmf,*.3dm,*.qd3d,*.qd3 3DMF files
x-world/x-vrml *.wrl Visualization of virtual worlds (VRML) (obsolete MIME type, current is model / vrml)
application/json *.json Contains a string in JavaScript Object notation
application/javascript *.js Server-side JavaScript files

If you have any questions regarding the MIME Types of the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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