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HTTP Connection

Due to many factors that make the analysis slow and the Webmasters block analysis software they can produce incorrect results and for the compensation of slow connections and bad timings we made most parameters of the HTTP connection configurable for you. Please use these settings only if you are aware of the impact at the compound and the analysis.

The HTTP connection settings can be found in the settings dialog under Analysis ⇒ HTTP connection.

View - HTTP connection settings of the WebsiteAnalyser

Important Note:

Please use these settings only if you are aware of the impact of the HTTP connection settings on the analysis and analysis speed.

HTTP connection settings:

Read timeout By the reading timeout you set how many milliseconds the HTTP connection attempts to receive data from the Web server before the reading is considered as an "error".
Connection timeout The connection timeout is similar to the read timeout. This sets after how many milliseconds without connection and communication, the connection is considered as an "error".
Maximum of redirections The maximum number of redirects gives you the opportunety to trap a kind of endless loop through redirects on some webservers.
Maximum connection retries This sets the maximum number of HTTP connection attempts to the URLs. Between the visits always is a delay time that can be set in both the incremental value and the maximum value.
Maximum delay time between the HTTP requests It may be that the safety systems of a web server through the many parallel requests of the WebsiteSpider are of the opinion this is an attack on the server. Here it makes sense to increase the waiting time between the individual HTTP requests or to decrease the number of threads.
Delay time incrementor To increase the waiting time automatically at each failed attempt, you can specify the increment value in milliseconds here.
HTTP authentification retries This sets the maximum number of authentication retries a before a connection attempt is considered as an "error".

If you have any questions regarding the HTTP connection settings of the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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