Montag, 18 Oktober 2021

User Agent

For accessing URLs using the HTTP protocol a so-called user agent with information about the system, browser language, operating system etc. is used to transfer that data to the webserver and it is also stored in the webservers LOG. Some web servers block the requests or the user does not want to transfer its correct data. For this purpose, you can select a User Agent and transfer the selected data instead of the correct data. The settings for the User Agent you will find in the settings dialog under Analysis ⇒ User Agent.

View - User Agent settings of the WebsiteAnalyser

There are several presets in the list of default user agents. You can change this list as you wish, complete it, etc. to fit your needs. It is also not necessary for the user agent to be called "seoBOXX SEO Software".

If you have any questions regarding the user agent settings of the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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