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Export into CSV file

In the settings for exporting a table to the CSV file format of the WebsiteAnalyser, you can make any important settings for exporting a table of the analysis views to the CSV file format. These are divided into the quote settings of each value in the CSV file and the settings for the delimiters of the individual values of the CSV file.

The settings for exporting a table to the CSV file format can be found in the settings dialog under Export ⇒ Table ⇒ CSV Export.

View - Export ⇒ Table ⇒ CSV Export settings of the WebsiteAnalyser

The CSV file format contains data stored in the so-called Comma Seperated Values Format, so the data is stored separated by a comma or another delimiter. The CSV format is primarily used to exchange data between different databases and spreadsheets. Each row in the CSV file corresponds to a record, and each value of a cell in the table is stored separately in that row by the delimiter.

Quotes settings:

do not save with qoutes No quotes around the values in the CSV file are set when this function is activated. This is not recommended for later use in other programs, unless you can be 100% sure that the delimiter will not be used in any cell.
save empty cells wrapped in qoutes Only empty content cells are quoted when this function is activated.
save every cell wrapped in qoutes All cell contents are quoted when this feature is enabled.


The delemiter can be freely selected and entered in the input field. It should be noted that the semicolon is the standard delemiter and normal letter values and numbers can be problematic for further processing in other programs.

If you have any questions regarding the export of tables into the CSV file format by the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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