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Export into PDF file

In the settings for exporting a table to the PDF file format of the WebsiteAnalyser, you can make any important settings for exporting a table of the analysis views to the PDF file format. These are divided into the general settings and the page settings of the PDF file (size, format, orientation).

The settings for exporting a table to the PDF file format can be found in the settings dialog under Export ⇒ Table ⇒ PDF Export.

View - Export ⇒ Table ⇒ PDF Export settings of the WebsiteAnalyser

The PDF file format was developed by Adobe in 1993 and has evolved into the most widely used document format on the internet over the years. In addition to texts, images and graphics, a PDF file can also contain vector drawings or 3D objects.

The advantage of the PDF files lies in the fact that the complete layout (arrangement of the pictures, fonts, etc.) are contained in the document and thus are displayed cross-platform everywhere the same.

General settings:

embed fonts The fonts are included in the PDF file and will not be needed later separately on the display device, if this function is activated.
export images Images and graphics are exported to the PDF file, when this function activated.
repeat header on each page The header is displayed on each new page of the PDF file when this feature is enabled.

Page settings:

Orientation Set the page orientation to either Portrait or Landscape.
Size/Format Set here the desired page format and the corresponding page size.

The following page formats are supported:
  • A0 (841mm x 1189mm)
  • A1 (594mm x 841mm)
  • A2 (420mm x 594mm)
  • A3 (297mm x 420mm)
  • A4 (210mm x 297mm)
  • A5 (148mm x 210mm)
  • A6 (105mm x 148mm)
  • A7 (74mm x 105mm)
  • A8 (52mm x 74mm)
  • B0 (1000mm x 1414mm)
  • B1 (707mm x 1000mm)
  • B2 (500mm x 707mm)
  • B3 (353mm x 500mm)
  • B4 (250mm x 353mm)
  • B5 (176mm x 250mm)
  • B6 (125mm x 176mm)
  • B7 (88mm x 125mm)
  • B8 (62mm x 88mm)
  • B9 (44mm x 62mm)
  • B10 (31mm x 44mm)
  • C2 (648mm x 458mm)
  • C3 (458mm x 324mm)
  • C4 (324mm x 229mm)
  • C5 (229mm x 162mm)
  • C6 (162mm x 114mm)
  • D0 (1090mm x 771mm)
  • SRA0 (1280mm x 900mm)
  • SRA1 (900mm x 640mm)
  • SRA2 (640mm x 450mm)
  • SRA3 (450mm x 320mm)
  • SRA4 (320mm x 225mm)
  • RA0 (1220mm x 860mm)
  • RA1 (860mm x 610mm)
  • RA2 (610mm x 430mm)
  • Letter (ANSI A) (215.9mm x 279.4mm)
  • Legal (215.9mm x 355.6mm)
  • Ledger (ANSI B) (279.4mm x 431.8mm)
  • Tabloid (ANSI B) (431.8mm x 279.4mm)
  • Executive (184.1mm x 266.7mm)
  • ANSI C (559mm x 432mm)
  • ANSI D (864mm x 559mm)
  • ANSI E (1118mm x 864mm)
  • Foolscap (336mm x 419mm)
  • Small Post (368mm x 469mm)
  • Sheet and 1/3 cap (336mm x 588mm)
  • Sheet and 1/2 cap (336mm x 628mm)
  • Demy (394mm x 507mm)
  • Large Post (419mm x 533mm)
  • Small medium (444mm x 558mm)
  • Medium (457mm x 584mm)
  • Small Royal (482mm x 609mm)
  • Royal (507mm x 634mm)
  • Imperial (559mm x 761mm)
  • Metric Crown Quarto (189mm x 246mm)
  • Metric Crown Octavo (123mm x 186mm)
  • Metric Large Crown Quarto (201mm x 258mm)
  • Metric Large Crown Octavo (129mm x 198mm)
  • Metric Demy Quarto (219mm x 276mm)
  • Metric Demy Octavo (138mm x 216mm)
  • Metric Royal Quarto (237mm x 312mm)
  • Metric Royal Octavo (129mm x 198mm)
fit table to page Adjusts the table from both column widths and row counts to the selected page size when this feature is enabled.

If you have any questions regarding the export of tables into the PDF file format by the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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