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Image Sitemap

The Image Sitemap Assistant of the WebsiteAnalyser allows you to create an Image Sitemap from the URLs of the analytsis database. The Image-Sitemap Assistant can be reached quickly and easily in the menu tab Extras ⇒ Sitemaps of the WebsiteAnalyser. Creating an Image Sitemap is described in detail below.

Menu-Tab Extras ⇒ Sitemaps of the WebsiteAnalyser

After you have started the Image-Sitemap Assistant by clicking on the "Image Sitemap" button in the Extras ⇒ Sitemaps menu tab of the WebsiteAnalyser, a new window opens and you are on the "Sitemap settings" page of the Sitemap Assistant. This is the direct entry into the Image-Sitemap Assistant and bypasses the selection of the sitemap type as well as the welcome page. In this view, you select the MIME Types of the URLs you want to include in the URL list and can make various other settings for the Image Sitemap. For example, if you select the MIME Type "image/jpeg", all image files in JPEG format will be included in the Image-Sitemap. By default, all MIME types are selected. Once you have made your selection, click on the "Next" button to continue.

Image-Sitemap settings page of the WebsiteAnalyser

General settings:

use URL TITLE tag Use the TITLE tag of the URL as a description for the image when this feature is enabled.
use image filename Uses the filename of the image as a description when this feature is enabled.
use image filename if URL TITLE tag is not available Uses the filename of the image as a description if the TITLE tag of the URL is not available when this feature is enabled.
include URL to the image license Inserts the image license URL specified in the input field into the Image Sitemap for each image when this feature is enabled.

Now the URL list is created. Here, the URLs, according to the settings and MIME Type selection, are read from the database and prepared in an URL list. After creating the URL list, the Image Sitemap Assistant automatically jumps to the URL List view.

Image-Sitemap URL list creation process progress of the WebsiteAnalyser

If you wish, you can deselect/select individual URLs in the URL list. By default, all URLs in the URL list are selected. When you have made your selection click on the "Next" button to continue.

Image-Sitemap URL list view of the WebsiteAnalyser

Before the creation of the Image-Sitemap is started, once again all selected settings are summarized and displayed. If the settings are correct and you do not want to make any changes, click the "Next" button to continue and start the build process.

Image-Sitemap settings summary and verification view of the WebsiteAnalyser

Now the progress view appears and the creation of the Image-Sitemap begins. Cancel creation, if desired, by clicking on the "Cancel" button.

Image-Sitemap creation process progress view of the WebsiteAnalyser

After completing the Image-Sitemap creation process, the Image-Sitemap Assistant will automatically jump to the summary view. Here you will also see the LOG created during the creation process. You can also view the created Image-Sitemap and the LOG in the Sourcecode-Editor.

Image-Sitemap creation process progress summary of the WebsiteAnalyser

Here you can download an example of a created Image-Sitemap ⇒ DOWNLOAD.

If you have any questions regarding creating an Image Sitemap using the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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