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Creating an URL-Report of a URL

The URL Report of an URL from the analysis database of the WebsiteAnalyser is a report summary of all views of the extended link data view. By default, all extended link data view pages for each URL are created. If you want to customize this, limit the number of lists in the tables or do not want to include individual pages of an URL in the report, create a report template in the Report Template Manager and adapt it to your needs. You can access the URL report either from the extended link data view or, with a selected URL in one of the analysis views, via the menu tab Reports ⇒ Create/Layout of the WebsiteAnalyser.

Menu-Tab Reports ⇒ Create/Layout of the WebsiteAnalyser

You can also call the function from a table of an analysis views. Simply use the pop-up menu of the respective analysis view and select the "URL Report" function to have the URL report being created for the selected URL.

Analysis view of the WebsiteAnalyser Analysis with URL popup of the WebsiteAnalyser

If you have called the function from a table in an analysis view, the data is first prepared and the extended link data view data for this URL is generated. Meanwhile, you will see the current progress view for the data preparation.

URL report data preparation of the WebsiteAnalyser

Then the WebsiteAnalyser generates the individual report pages. Again, you will see a separate progress view for the creation process.

URL report creation process progress view of the WebsiteAnalyser

Finally, you are in the report view and the URL report is displayed to you. In the left part of the page you can see a thumbnail view of the individual report pages for quick navigation between the pages.

URL report view of the WebsiteAnalyser

You can now print the URL report or export it in various file formats for further use.

If you have any questions regarding the URL report of the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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