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Export an Analysis-View

The export of an analysis view table of the WebsiteAnalyser into the XLS file format is done via the function "Export table" in the menu-tab Analysis ⇒ Export/Print.

Export popup of the analysis views tables menu of the WebsiteAnalyser

First, as with all other export functions, opens the save dialog. Here you will be given a suitable file name. If you want to change the file name, you can do this at the bottom of the save dialog. To continue, click on the "Save" button.

Export of a table from an analysis view into the XLS file format save dialog of the WebsiteAnalyser

Afterwards the WebsiteAnalyser starts to export the data and shows you the progress.

Export of a table into the XLS file format process progress of the WebsiteAnalyser

The export is now complete and, depending on the settings you made in the notifications section, you will receive a notification about the completed export of the table.

Here you can download an example of a table exported to the XLS file format ⇒ DOWNLOAD.

If you have any question regarding the export of a table of an analysis view into the XLS file format using the WebsiteAnalyser, feel free to contact our Support.

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