Montag, 18 Oktober 2021

Analyse results

To view the analysis results, there are several ways implemented in the WebsiteSpider. On the one hand you have before, during and after the analysis the "analysis view" available, from which you can see the HTTP status and the MIME type of the URL and the URL itself. In addition, you can determine the state of the URL using the color of the URL while green is for the analyzed URLs, blue for being processed URL's and red for incorrect URLs.

Analysis view while an anlysis is in progress

Furthermore, you will find statistical information on the progress of the analysis at the bottom of the window. This includes the number of threads, the current URLs in the database, the number of the analyzed URL's, the number of processed URL's and the elappsed time together with a graphical indication of the percentage.

After the completion of the analysis, you can use the detail view for the domain and the detail view for each URL to view the analysed data. Otherwise you can create one of the 3 different reports directly out of the analyzed data. For further details please refer to the online help in the category "program parts". Here both, the detailed views and reports are explained using many images. Further you will find information for each report type and a all types of reports as a downloadable PDF file.

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