Montag, 18 Oktober 2021

Analysis process

To use the WebsiteSpider for a domain analysis only a few steps are necessary. If you want to change the settings for threading, the analysis, the result view and much more you can do that using the settings form. After checking the settings it is necessary to enter the URL and then click the "Start analysis" button. Thereafter, the analysis process starts automatically. The Domain/URL you specified is now added to the URL list and the analysis threads are created. Now every URL is analysed and the linked URLs are added to the URL list and gradually also analyzed until no new URLs are available in the URL list.

Analysis tab - start tab of the WebsiteSpider

Even during the analysis you receive a constantly updated view of the associated URL's as well as the HTTP status and the mime type of the respective URL. For better differentiation are analyzed URLs in green, being processed in blue and faulty shown in red. The analysis process takes multithreaded, which means that depending on the setting not only a URL to the other but several URL's are analyzed in parallel. This will increase the analysis speed by a multiple. Furthermore, you will find statistical information on the progress of the analysis at the bottom of the window. This includes the number of threads, the current URLs in the database, the number of the analyzed URL's, the number of processed URL's and the elappsed time together with a graphical indication of the percentage. After completion of the analysis you can use the URL analysis detail view for any URL by double clicking on the respective URL.

Analysis view while a analyse is in progress

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