Montag, 18 Oktober 2021

Analysis view

Even during the analysis you receive a constantly updated view of the associated URL's as well as the HTTP status and the MIME type of the respective URL. For better differentiation are analyzed URLs in green, being processed in blue and faulty shown in red. Furthermore, you will find statistical information on the progress of the analysis at the bottom of the window. This includes the number of threads, the current URLs in the database, the number of the analyzed URL's, the number of processed URL's and the elappsed time together with a graphical indication of the percentage. After completion of the analysis you can use the URL analysis detail view for any URL by double clicking on the respective URL. With the right mouse button, you have the option to open a menu where you can display either select the URL analysis detail view or the URL analysis report. You can also click on the header of the columns to sort them.

Analysis view while an analysis is in progress

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