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Creating reports

The WebsiteSpider has the ability to process the analyzed data in reports for you so that you can then save them in different file formats or print them. The reports include an optical and tabular analysis of the data. For better presentation of the analysed data and for the better presentation of related data, like the HTTP status or the H tags, diagrams and graphics have been integrated into the reports.

The generated reports (SEO, Domain, Url)

The WebsiteSpider generates three different report types. The contents of the reports are not variable in this free version. The website spider generates, just as the WebsiteAnalyser, the following reports/report types:

  • 1. SEO analysis report
    The SEO Analysis Report includes a complete summary of the domain data and any URL data. Here you will find statistical analyzes with associated diagrams for easy illustration of the analyzed data, as well as lists of missing URLs, URLs without keywords, URLs without title tag or broken links - a list of URLs which responsed the HTTP request with a http status code error - and much more. So you create an analysis report with a few clicks that helps you identify quickly and clearly the missing URLs of your website and much more.
  • 2. Domain analysis report
    The domain analysis report in particular contains information relating to the domain itself. Also a small statistical summary of the analysis results is added to the report. The domain analysis includes the domain age, the server, the hosting, WHOIS information and much more.
  • 3. URL analysis report
    The URL analysis report generates an overview of all data of the selected URL. Those basic information are the PageRank, HTTP status, keywords, title tag, META tags and H tags. Although the list of referring URLs (Parent) and the linked URLs (Child) is included in this report.
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