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Image downloader

The integrated image downloader is an automated image downloaderfor an analysed domain. Here you have the option to download all image files of the domain by MIME type on your computer in to seperated subfolders for each MIME Type. This is also explained in a few words on the welcome page as shown below. Clicking on the "Next" button lets you proceed with the wizard and takes you to the next page.

Image downloader - Welcome

Below you will find the list of MIME types of existing images of the domain. Here you have the option to select or deselect each MIME Type for downloading using the "checkboxes" in front of every MIME Type. For default every MIME Type is selected. After you made your selection you can proceed by clicking on the "Next" button.

Image downloader - MIME-Type selection

Thereafter, you select the settings for the image download. For one, you can let the image downloader automatically create a subfolder for each MIME type and secondly, you can choose to overwrite existing files automatically. Furthermore, it is of course possible to select a custom download folder . To do this, click the folder icon behind the input box and an "Browse for folder" dialog will open. Find here the appropriate destination folder and confirm by clicking the "OK" button of the dialog. The dialogue disappears and the selected destination folder will be inherited. Proceed with the wizard by clicking the "Next" button.

Image downloader - Settings Image downloader - Selection dialog for the download folder

No follows the progress view of the download process. Here you get detailed data about each file, the MIME type and the progress.

Image downloader - Active download process

Finally, a detailed LOG is displayed in which the individual steps and downloads are listed. Check the LOG if necessary and close the image downloader by clicking the "Close" button.

Image downloader - Download finished and LOG view


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