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The so-called Multithreading means the parallel execution of tasks (threads/processes). Through the use of multithreading in the MTWS-CoreEngine of the WebsiteSpider several analysis processes are running simultaneously. The multithreading settings will help you to optimise the analysis speed or to configure the multithreading for slower systems. The settings for the multithreading can be found in the settings dialog under Analyser -> Threading.

Threading settings

The settings for multithreading are explained in the following table.

Setting Description
Number of Threads Here you can set the number of threads in. The default value is 10. If you have a slow system it might be neccessary to reduce the number of threads.
Thread priority The default value is "normal priority". The individual priorities are explained in the table below.
Thread creation delay in milleseconds Here you can set the delay between the creation of the individual threads. The creation of the threads takes place at the beginning of the analysis process.

Thread priorities

Setting Description
Idle The thread is executed only when the system is idle. Windows never interrupts another thread in favor of a thread with the priority level "idle".
lowest priority The thread's priority is two levels below the normal level.
lower priority The thread's priority is one level below the normal level.
normal priority The thread has normal priority.
higher priority The thread's priority is a step above the normal level.
highest priority The thread's priority is two levels above the normal level.
tiem critical The thread has the highest priority.
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