Montag, 18 Oktober 2021

Update manager

The built-in update manager of the Website Spider offers you an almost fully automated update system, as you will find it in almost all standardized software products. At this the WebsiteSpider, depending on the update interval, will check if an update is available and if also updated databases are available too. The update interval can be easily adjusted in the settings dialog under Application -> Updates, as seen below. In addition, if you already updated the WebsiteSpider, the date of the last update and the version is displayed.

Update settings

If the updates check notices that one or more updates are available, that will be indicated by a dialog on the screen. Here you can select whether you want to perform the update directly or want to do this at a later date. We recommended to update the software immediately to always benefit from the latest improvements and solutions.

Update dialog box

If you want to perform the updates immediately the update manager appears. All available updates will be displayed with the currently installed version number and also the version number of the available updates. Through the so-called "check box" of each update, you can select which updates have to be made by the update manager and which not. Here is an example:

Updatemanager update selection

The update process is launched by clicking the "Update now" button. Next, the data is automatically downloaded from our web server to your device. The databases are replaced automatically in the folder and then updated and loaded in the background. If there is an update for the WebsiteSpider the installation will close the running WebsiteSpider and starts directly afterwards.

Updatemanager update download


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