Montag, 18 Oktober 2021

URL analysis detail view

In the URL analysis detail view the analysed data is presented graphically optimized and splitted into categories/tabs. For better and faster overview some analysis results were provided with additional diagrams. The refering URLs and the linked URLs are listed in tables with corresponding data like the HTTP status, the title tag and much more usefull informations. When troubleshooting also the detailed cconnection protocol and the redirects list will be very useful. Furthermore, you can load in the source code of the URL directly into the integrated source code editor, wherein you can select here between the source code of the URL directly from the web or the source code from the current analysis out of the database. It is also possible to create a "URL analysis report" directly from this view if needed.

Link data Extended link data Link distribution META keywords Refering URL's Linked URL's H tag distribution META tags Redirects Connection protocol Link source code Image data

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