Monday, 06 July 2020

seoBOXX - SEO Software, SEO Tools and Joomla Extensions

You want to have even more success with your website? Visitor numbers and revenues should finally rise? Sooner or later, every professional website operators or webmaster will concentrate on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There will be basic important decisions to be taken and there has to be invested in the right places. You have to draw up a strategy and follow it to achieve your goals.

However, a requirement for any SEO and SEM strategy is a detailed analysis of the project website. Where are the own weaknesses? What is our market position in direct comparison with the competitors? Where is urgent action required?

The most important basis for the SEO is the onpage optimization of the website. seoBOXX develops, specifically for this strategically important part of SEO, detailled analysis software, which processes the analysed and collected information in an intelligible form. See at a glance relevant SEO information on your website and revise the vulnerabilities after a detailed analysis step by step. The detailed analysis provides a solid foundation for your success. Errors and potential solutions are presented to you quickly and clearly.

seoBOXX supports you with sophisticated SEO software, valid information and latest SEO techniques, support and updates. Likewise, for our users are free tools and extensions for the Joomla CMS and YOOtheme ZOO available.

seoBOXX - WebsiteAnalyser

The WebsiteAnalyser is the perfect SEO Tool to give you a comprehensive, fast and professional analysis of your website, to visually prepare the analysis results for you and generate detailed, custom reports and includes many built-in extras, such as Sitemap Assistants, Downloaders, URL Pinger and much more.

Choose from the 4 variants of the WebsiteAnalyser or use the 30-day demo version of the WebsiteAnalyser to get an impression.



GDPR Edition

€ 39,99/ incl. VAT.



€ 74,99/ incl. VAT.




€ 129,99/ incl. VAT.



€ 199,99/ incl. VAT.