Friday, 28 January 2022

IconCreator - Icons for every button state

seoBOXX IconCreator Product Logo

The IconCreator is an efficient and easy to use tool to create icons for every button state (Normal, Hot, Disabled and Down) from a given graphic with just a few clicks.

The problem

Who does not know that problem form the field of software development and web design - you have painstakingly created a graphic for an icon, a button, or another form of a control and then comes exactly what drives each developer and web designer mad. Long minutes of loading, customizing, resizing, renaming and loadingf and saving of the files in a bunch of applications and lots of file formats. The recurring operations will cost time, money and for larger projects certainly nervous at the bottom line.

The solution

The seoBOXX IconCreator helps you to save time, money and nervous. Create only the basic graphics for the icons, add them via drag & amp; drop, choose you previously created processing profile, check the settings and do some manual adjustings if needed and let the IconCreator do the rest for you. On average the IconCreator creates all variants of an icon (graphic format, color schemes, state and dimension) in less than 15 seconds for each icon. A real attractive alternative to the sometimes more than 20 minutes per icon if you choose the usual procedure. To get an overview on all the functions and features of the IconCreator please go to the detailled feature list.

IconCreator - Welcome / Starting page IconCreator - Files dropped and added to the list IconCreator - Options / Settings IconCreator - Button state normal - brightness and contrast IconCreator - Button state hot - luminance and saturation IconCreator - Button state disabled - temperature IconCreator - Button state down - shadow IconCreator - Profile manager IconCreator - Help and support IconCreator - Save profile

Profiles / Profile management

With the integrated profile manager the processing profiles can be created and edited. So all the graphic and project specific settings can be assigned to a processing profile and stored therein. A quick change between the processing profiles can be easily made through the integrated profile management by double clicking on the respective processing profile.

Example of the four possible button states

The button states or the icons of a control remain the same in most parts of software development and web design. There are the four different button states - Normal, Hot, Disabled and Down. Here is an example output made with the IconCreator product logo and the default settings of the IconCreator.


Normal Icon


Hot Icon


Disabled Icon


Down Icon

Feature request / Support request

Do you miss a feature or you miss a function? Do you have anything positive or negative? Let us know and we will see if we will integrate this feature in an updated version. Take advantage of our support form for feature requests.

Error report / Support request

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