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Version history

Here is an overview of the various versions of the WebsiteAnalyser with the related information on changes, new features and bug fixes.

WebsiteAnalyser (05.08.2018)

  • NEW: Integrated GDPR summary list view
  • NEW: Integrated 46 GDPR analysis views
    • URL's not using SSL
    • URL's with leaked referrers
    • URL's using CDN's
    • URL's using AddThis
    • URL's using heise online shariff
    • URL's using FaceBook Like
    • URL's using FaceBook Share
    • URL's using FaceBook Connect
    • URL's using Twitter
    • URL's using Google Plus One
    • URL's using Google Plus Share
    • URL's using Google Plus Follow
    • URL's using Tumblr
    • URL's using LinkedIn
    • URL's using Xing
    • URL's using PInterest
    • URL's using Google Analytics
    • URL's using Google Analytics Remarketing
    • URL's using Google Tag Manager
    • URL's using Google AdSense
    • URL's using Google AdWords
    • URL's using FaceBook Pixel
    • URL's using Piwik/Matomo
    • URL's using eTracker
    • URL's using WebStat
    • URL's using hotjar
    • URL's using MailChimp
    • URL's using rapidmail
    • URL's using GetResponse
    • URL's using CleverReach
    • URL's using Clever Elements
    • URL's using Disqus
    • URL's using Spotify
    • URL's using FaceBook embedded Content
    • URL's using Instagram embedded Content
    • URL's embedding YouTube Videos
    • URL's using SoundCloud
    • URL's using Vimeo Player
    • URL's using PayPal
    • URL's using Klarna
    • URL's using Sofortüberweisung
    • URL's using paydirekt
    • URL's using Google Fonts
    • URL's using Adobe TypeKit WebFonts
    • URL's using Google Maps
    • URL's using Google ReCaptcha
  • NEW: New analysis functions added to reports
  • NEW: New analysis functions added to report templates and report template manager

WebsiteAnalyser (29.06.2018)

  • FIXED: Performance problems on computers with single core processors
  • FIXED: Minor errors
  • FIXED: Translation errors
  • FIXED: Optical errors in the reports
  • FIXED: Text errors

WebsiteAnalyser (27.03.2018)

  • IMPROVED: HTML Parser analysis speed + 15%
  • IMPROVED: MTWS Core Engine Speed + 10%
  • UPDATE: Updated database to FireBird Embedded
  • FIXED: Issues with the color of the report headers
  • FIXED: Issue with load balance on networks with much traffic
  • FIXED: Issue with loading and saving of PDF reports
  • FIXED: Issues with the loading of report templates
  • FIXED: Smaller errors
  • FIXED: Translation errors
  • FIXED: Text errors
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