Thursday, 17 June 2021


Here you will find general information about the analysis with the WebsiteAnalyser, the analysis databases, the reanalysis of an URL and the more than 180 analysis views. All help topics are illustrated and described in detail..

If you have any questions regarding the analysis with the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

Analysis process

The WebsiteAnalyser analysis process begins by entering the URL to analyse into the input field or by selecting a previously parsed URL. Thereafter, the analysis process can be started using the "Enter" button or by clicking on the "Start analysis" button.

Start analysis toolbar of the WebsiteAnalyser

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Reanalysis process

The WebsiteAnalyser also offers them the possibility of reanalysis. This refers to the recovery of a broken analysis due to power failure or similar, cancelled by the user.

During a reanalysis not only the analysis database will be scanned for data integrity, also all not analysed URLs are analysed and the statistical data will be refreshed and updated.

First, load the desired database via the Start - menu-tab or the Analysis - Views/Details menu-tab into the WebsiteAnalyser. On both tabs you will find the "Open analysis database" button.

Start menu-tab of the WebsiteAnalyser

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Analysis Views (Overview)

Here you will find the complete list of all integrated analysis views of the WebsiteAnalyser. For each of these more than 220 analysis views can be created a report, which can then be printed or exported to different file formats.

Furthermore, the various analysis views that contain spreadsheets can be exported to many file formats for further use. If you're missing an analysis method/analysis view, feel free to use our feature request form.

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Analysis databases

The analysis databases of the WebsiteAnalyser are based on the Firebird Database Technology and are read and written by the installed Firebird Embedded Server. The analysis databases are compatible with each other and can also be copied/transferred from one computer to another.

Additionally, the analysis databases can be reloaded into the WebsiteAnalyser at any time to export or print reports and/or spreadsheets from the analysis database data.

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Loading analysis databases

The analysis databases are loaded in the WebsiteAnalyser using the start menu-tab or the Analysis - Views/Details menu-tab. Both tabs contain the "Open analysis database" button.

Start menu-tab of the WebsiteAnalyser

You can also find buttons in the Analysis - Views/Details menu-tab to open the analysis database folder in your Windows Explorer where the analysis databases are stored or cleared.

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