Monday, 18 October 2021

Update Manager

Here you will find the overview of the Update Manager of the WebsiteAnalyser. The Update Manager as well as the update process is described and illustrated below in detail.

You have access to the Update Manager only if the WebsiteAnalyser detects an update. This is done in the settings under Settings ⇒ Application ⇒ Update. If you have deactivated the automatic check for updates, please use the function "Check for updates" from the Help/Support menu tab for the update check.

Help/Support Menu-Tab of the WebsiteAnalyser

After the update check appears, if there is an update on the seoBOXX web server, a dialog informs you that an update is available and which version the new update has. Here you can directly decide to open the Update Manager to perform the update or not.

Update available message dialog of the WebsiteAnalyser

You can also do the update at a later time by using the "Update Manager" function from the Help/Support menu tab.

The Update Manager of the WebsiteAnalyser

Now click on the green arrow to start the download process of the update.

Download of an update using the Update Manager of the WebsiteAnalyser

After the download the update installation will be started directly and the WebsiteAnalyser will be closed. More information about the installation process can be found in the corresponding help topic.

If you have any questions regarding the Update Manager or the update process of the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.