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WebsiteAnalyser Packshot in english language

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Under the menu item "Tasklist" of the respective project/product in the seoBOXX Bugtracker you will find a list of the tasks of the respective product - in other words the task list. This tasklist is always up to date and shows you a quick overview of the content and status as well as the progress of the respective task.

The task list of a project/product in the seoBOXX bugtracker based on FlySpray at

If you need further information about a special task, just click on it and automatically get the detail view of the task.

The detailed view of a task of a project/product in the seoBOXX Bugtracker based on FlySpray at

If you have any questions regarding the task list of the seoBOXX Bug Tracker, please feel free to contact our Support.

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