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CSS Tag List

CSS tags are elements or commands of the programming language CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). These are either integrated into the HTML source code and named as inline CSS or, as it is also better from SEO perspective, combined in a separate CSS file to be used in several HTML documents. CSS is a stylesheet language for documents and, together with HTML, PHP, JS and DOM, one of the most widely used languages on the Internet.

Below is a list of CSS tags in a table. It also shows in which CSS version this CSS tag is available and in which not.

alignment-baseline X
align-content X
align-items X
align-self X
all X
animation X
animation-delay X
animation-direction X
animation-duration X
animation-fill-mode X
animation-iteration.count X
animation-name X
animation-play-state X
animation-timing-function X
appearance X
azimuth X X
backface-visibility X
background X X X X
background-attachment X X X X
background-clip X
background-color X X X X
background-image X X X X
background-origin X
background-position X X X X
background-repeat X X X X
background-size X
baseline-shift X
binding X
bleed X
bookmark-label X
bookmark-level X
bookmark-state X
border X X X X
border-bottom X X X X
border-bottom-color X X X
border-bottom-left-radius X
border-bottom-right-radius X
border-bottom-style X X X
border-bottom-width X X X X
border-boundary X
border-collapse X X X
border-color X X X X
border-image X
border-image-outset X
border-image-repeat X
border-image-slice X
border-image-source X
border-image-width X
border-left X X X X
border-left-color X X X
border-left-style X X X
border-left-width X X X X
border-radius X
border-right X X X X
border-right-color X X X
border-right-style X X X
border-right-width X X X X
border-spacing X X X
border-style X X X X
border-top X X X X
border-top-color X X X
border-top-left-radius X
border-top-right-radius X
border-top-style X X X X
border-top-width X X X X
border-width X X X X
bottom X X X
box-decoration-break X
box-shadow X
box-sizing X
box-snap X
box-suppress X
break-after X
break-befor X
break-inside X
caption-side X X X
caret X
caret-shape X
cheins X
clear X X X X
clip X X X
clip-path X
clip-rule X
color X X X X
color-interpolation-filters X
column-count X
column-fill X
column-gap X
column-rule X
column-rule-color X
column-rule-style X
column-rule-width X
column-span X
column-width X
columns X
contain X
content X X X
counter-reset X X X
counter-set X
crop X
cue- X X X
cue-after X X X
cue-before X X X
cursor X X X
direction X X X
display X X X X
display-inside X
display-list X
display-outside X
dominant-baseline X
elevation X X
empty-cells X X X
filter X
flex X
flex-basis X
flex-direction X
flex-flow X
flex-grow X
flex-shrink X
flex-wrap X
float X X X X
float-offset X
flood-color X
flood-opacity X
flow-from X
flow-into X
font X X X X
font-family X X X X
font-feature-settings X
font-kerning X
font-language-override X
font-max-size X
font-min-size X
font-optical-sizing X
font-palette X
font-presentation X
font-size X X X X
font-size-adjust X X
font-stretch X X
font-style X X X X
font-synthesis X
font-variant X X X X
font-variant-alternates X
font-variant-caps X
font-variant-east-asian X
font-variant-ligatures X
font-variant-numeric X
font-variant-position X
font-variant-settings X
font-variant-weight X X X X
grid X
grid-area X
grid-auto-columns X
grid-auto-flow X
grid-column X
grid-column-end X
grid-column-start X
grid-row X
grid-row-end X
grid-row-start X
grid-rows X
grid-template X
grid-template-areas X
grid-template-columns X
grid-template-rows X
hanging-punctuation X
height X X X X
hyphens X
icon X
image-orientation X
image-rendering X
image-resolution X
ime-mode X
initial-letter X
justify-content X
justify-items X
justify-self X
left X X X
letter-spaceing X X X X
lighting-color X
line-break X
line-grid X
line-height X X X X
line-snap X
list-style X X X X
list-style-image X X X X
list-style-position X X X X
list-style-type X X X X
margin X X X X
margin-bottom X X X X
margin-left X X X X
margin-top X X X X
marker-offset X
marker-side X
marks X X
mask X
mask-box X
mask-box-outset X
mask-box-repeat X
mask-box-slice X
mask-box-source X
mask-box-width X
mask-clip X
mask-image X
mask-origin X
mask-position X
mask-repeat X
mask-size X
mask-source-type X
mask-type X
max-height X X X
max-lines X
max-width X X X
min-height X X X
min-width X X X
move-to X
nav-down X
nav-index X
nav-left X
nav-right X
nav-up X
object-fit X
object-position X
opacity X
order X
orphans X X X
outline X X X
outline-color X X X
outline-offset X
outline-style X X X
outline-width X X X
overflow X X X
overflow-wrap X
overflow-x X
overflow-y X
padding X X X X
padding-bottom X X X X
padding-left X X X X
padding-right X X X X
padding-top X X X X
page X X
page-break-after X X X
page-break-before X X X
page-break-inside X X X
page-police X
pause X X X
pause-after X X X
pause-before X X X
perspective X
perspective-origin X
pitch X X
pitch-range X X
play-during X X
polar-angle X
polar-archor X
polar-distance X
polar-origin X
position X X X
presentation-level X
quotes X X X
region-fragment X
resize X
rest X
rest-after X
rest-before X
richness X X
right X X X
rotation X
rotation-point X
row-gap X
ruby-align X
ruby-merge X
ruby-position X
scroll-padding X
scroll-padding-block X
scroll-padding-block-end X
scroll-padding-block-start X
scroll-padding-bottom X
scroll-padding-inline X
scroll-padding-inline-end X
scroll-padding-inline-start X
scroll-padding-lrft X
scroll-padding-right X
scroll-padding-top X
scroll-snap-align X
scroll-snap-margin X
scroll-snap-margin-block X
scroll-snap-margin-block-end X
scroll-snap-margin-block-start X
scroll-snap-margin-bottom X
scroll-snap-margin-inline X
scroll-snap-margin-inline-end X
scroll-snap-margin-left X
scroll-snap-margin-right X
scroll-snap-margin-start X
scroll-snap-margin-top X
scroll-snap-stop X
scroll-snap-type X
shape-image-thredhold X
shape-inside X
shape-margin X
shape-outside X
size X X
speak X X X
speak-as X
speak-header X X
speak-numeral X X
speak-punctuation X X
speech-rate X X
stress X X
string-set X
tab-size X
table-layout X X X
text-align X X X X
text-align-last X
text-combine-upright X
text-decoration X X X X
text-decoration-color X
text-decoration-line X
text-decoration-skip X
text-decoration-style X
text-emphasis X
text-emphasis-color X
text-emphasis-position X
text-emphasis-style X
text-indent X X X X
text-justify X
text-orentation X
text-overflow X
text-shadow X X
text-space-collapse X
text-transfom X X X X
text-underline-position X
text-wrap X
top X X X
transform X
transform-origin X
transform-style X
transition X
transition-delay X
transition-duration X
transition-prperty X
transition-timing-function X
unicode-bidi X X X
user-select X
vertical-align X X X X
visibility X X X
voice-balance X
voice-duration X
voice-family X X X
voice-pitch X
voice-range X
voice-rate X
voice-stress X
voice-volume X
volume X X
white-space X X X X
widows X X X
width X X X X
will-change X
word-break X
word-spacing X X X X
word-wrap X
wrap-flow X
wrap-through X
writing-mode X
xounter-increment X X X
z-index X X X X

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