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Export into DOC file

In the settings for exporting a report to the DOC file format of the WebsiteAnalyser, you can view all the important settings for exporting a report or a report view of an analysis view into the DOC file format.

The settings for exporting a report or a report view to the DOC file format can be found in the settings dialog under Export ⇒ Report ⇒ DOC Export.

View - Export ⇒ Report ⇒ DOC export settings of the WebsiteAnalyser

General settings:

Suppress header/footer Hides headers and footers when exporting when this feature is enabled.
Picture type Here you can set the image type to be exported.

The following setting options are available:

  • BMP
  • EMF
  • GIF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • WMF

If you have any questions regarding the settings to export of a report into the DOC file format by the WebsiteAnalyser, please feel free to contact our Support.

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