Monday, 06 April 2020

WebsiteAnalyser Packshot in english language

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Delete server/Delete pingserver

You can delete a server/ping server from the pingserver list of the WebsiteAnalyser in two ways. On the one hand, you can mark this with a left mouse click on the corresponding server/pingserver in the pingserver list and delete it with the function "Delete server" from the menu-tab.

Menu-tab of the pingserver of the WebsiteAnalyser

On the other hand you have the option to press the right mouse button on the server/pingserver in the pingserver list. In the pop-up menu, which now appears, you can also use the "Delete server" function.

Delete of a server/pingserver from the pingserver list of the WebsiteAnalyser

If you have any question regarding the deleting of a server/pingserver from a group/pingserver group of the pingserver list of the WebsiteAnalyser, feel free to contact our Support.

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